Will Smith and Chris Rock slap controversy – some facts of incidents


Will Smith and Chris Rock

Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith during the Oscars 2022 convention. This incident spread all over the world and became a topic of discussion. After this incident, Will Smith also apologized to Chris Rock. But nowadays another piece of news is being heard that Chris Rock has now turned down the host of Oscar convention 2023.

Chris Rock turns down Oscar 2023 host offer

Will Smith and Chris Rock

According to a report, comedian Krish Rock has revealed in show that he will not post at the Oscar convention to be held next year. The reason for this is that he has told slapped by Will Smith. Chris Rock has termed the no-slap incident as very disappointing.

Everyone knows that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock hard during the 2022 Oscar convention. After this incident, Will Smith had to resign from the Academy. Although Will Smith immediately apologized to Chris Rock, the matter escalated and in the end, Will Smith had to resign. Will Smith has also been banned from the Oscars by the Academy for 10 years.

Reason to slap

Chris Rock was hosting the 94th Academy Awards at Oscars 2022. Meanwhile, comedian Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, which the public liked very much. Will Smith also liked this joke very much. But when Will Smith looked at his wife, she looked very angry. The reason for his displeasure was that he did not have a single hair on his head, which Chris Rock joked about. At first, Will Smith laughed a lot with the audience but when he looked at his wife, she couldn’t help but slap Chris Rock in anger.

Will Smith’s wife is suffering from this disease

According to a report, Will Smith’s wife Jada has a disease called Alopecia. The person suffering from this disease has a lot of hair fall and the wife of Will Smith had the same problem. Once while taking a bath, a bunch of his hair had come in his hand, after which he got the hair of his head very short. He also said in 2018 that he is facing a lot of problems with this disease. In America, more than 50 lakh people are suffering from this disease. 

Experts believe that usually after hair loss, new hair comes into that place, but if a person does not have hair after hair loss then they have a disease called alopecia. It is also seen in some patients that when he wakes up, there are many hairs scattered on their beds.

Chris Rock’s luck shines after the slap scandal

Chris Rock’s fortunes have changed after the famous slap scandal at the Oscars convention. According to a recent report, Chris Rock has become more popular than ever. Currently, the price of tickets for all of Chris Rock’s shows has gone up tremendously. It cannot be denied that Chris Rock is a good comedian but after the slap scandal, he is becoming more and more popular. 

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