Which online learning platforms are best for you – Best study platforms 2022

Which online learning platforms are best for you

Which online learning platforms are best for you

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the medium of education of children is also changing. Nowadays, online classes are conducted for children through technology. Children who take online classes become better at studying both in school and at home by taking online classes. Talking about online study, no one knew about it a few years ago, but during the pandemic some time ago, online study became very popular and today all children have become used to online classes.

Online study has benefited not only children but also people pursuing higher education and preparing for competitive exams. As you know that the epidemic phase is not over yet, in such a situation the gathering of many people in one place can be harmful. But through online study, you can study online at home without coming in contact with anyone.

 Nowadays, through online study, preparation for competition level exams like engineering medical is also done through online classes. Nowadays, to study online, one must have a smartphone or computer and have an internet connection, after that he can easily do any course or subject through online classes.

 Due to the popularity of online classes, there are thousands of platforms available these days that provide online classes. You can complete all the subjects on these platforms for free or by paying a registration fee. In today’s article, we will tell you about the way to study online and the best platform to study online. We will also tell what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying online. To understand all this information well, stay till now in this article.

What is Online Study

Which online learning platforms are best for you

Online study is a medium of education for children, where children are taught at home using technology, not in front of the teacher. Teachers are available during online study but they are not in front of the children. Even during online study, the same education is done as taught in school. During online study, by connecting to the Internet on any smartphone or computer, you can complete any of your subjects or courses with any teacher.

 Nowadays more people like online study because they do not need to go anywhere and they can complete any course or subject according to their time. In such a situation, many online platforms have also developed nowadays, which make children study online. Apart from this, there are many such platforms which also prepare for high level competition exams. Now we tell you about some popular online study platforms which are providing better education nowadays. You can also join these online study platforms for free or you can get a better education by paying a registration fee.

Best Online Study Platforms

Which online learning platforms are best for you

Here we are going to tell you about some such online study platforms, which apart from the education of children nowadays, also prepare for high level competition exams. Such teachers are available on these platforms, who explain all the subjects in a very easy way so that all the children can understand easily. On these platforms, you can learn skills like coding from class 1st to class 12th and all high level competition exams.

By Topper app

This is a very good platform to study online. By registering on this platform, you can complete all the courses from class 5th to 12th. Through this platform, nowadays lakhs of children are joining and completing their courses. A facility has been given on this platform that you can select the board of that state in any state of India and complete the syllabus according to your board. Such teachers are available on this platform, who make any child complete any course in easy language, due to which even weak children studying from this platform can easily complete the syllabus.


This is a very popular platform, through which you can study from class 1st to class 12th. Apart from this, if you prepare for the competition exam, then you can also prepare for the high level competition exam on this platform. Apart from UPSC, SSC, NEET, JEE, on this platform, better education is available for all the high level competition exams, which make the children complete their course in a very easy way. After joining this platform, online tests are also taken from time to time and special care is taken on weak children. If you want to study Mathematics and Science subjects well, then this platform can prove to be the best platform for you. If you want to study online through this platform, then you can start studying online from today by paying the registration fee.

Uncademy App

Although the preparation of high level competition exams is done on this platform from first class to high level, this platform is a very good platform for the students preparing for the competition exam. Many teachers of a subject are available on this platform, this gives you the advantage that if a subject is not understood better than any teacher, then you can also study the same subject from another teacher present there. Once you subscribe to this platform, you get a chance to study from all the teachers present there. On this platform also, online tests of students are taken from time to time and information related to competition exams is also given.

 If you study online from this platform then there is another advantage that you get notes of all subjects from time to time and offline videos are also available. This is beneficial if you do not attend class someday. If you can, then you can complete your subject by watching offline videos and reading notes.


 Along with the facility of online study on this platform, the solution of any question of any subject can be found. If you are doing online study or offline study anywhere and you face any problem in any subject or any question then on which platform you can find the solution of your question. To ask any question, you have to upload a photo of this question and in no time you have the solution of this question and its solution related video is also available so that you can understand that question easily. On this platform, you can find solutions to questions from subjects other than Science, Mathematics.

White Hat Junior

Nowadays, as technology is developing, it has become very necessary to give technical knowledge to the children too. This platform is a great platform to teach coding to children. Thousands of kids are developing their own applications by learning coding through this platform. On this platform, children are taught coding from the very beginning. After learning this platform recording, any student can create animations and develop applications. To register on this platform, the age of the children should be minimum 6 years to 14 years.

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Advantages and disadvantages of online study

Nowadays, many children have benefited a lot from online study, but some children become careless and spend their time by not studying during online study. In such a situation, you should know about both the advantages and disadvantages of online study.

Advantage of Online Study

The biggest advantage of online study is that nowadays due to the epidemic, children go to school, all the subjects are completed at home. Apart from this, if children also go to school, then after coming from school, they can study online, which has the advantage that they can understand any course well and they can strengthen any subject. Apart from this, the advantage is that you get many teachers for one subject, so that if you understand from one teacher, you can study that subject from another teacher.

Disadvantage of online study

Although online study is beneficial for all children, but nowadays there are some children on whom if parents do not pay attention, then it is at the time of online classes, they start playing games in smartphones or pass time in any other things. Huh. Apart from this, some children had the habit of studying in front of the teacher in school and now they face problems in doing online classes. 


In this article, you know what is online study and what are the best platforms to study online. If you want to get any information related to online study from us, then you can write your questions in the comment box given below.


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