Which is better iphone or android – Top 5 benefits of android

Which is better iphone or android

which is better Iphone or android

Nowadays, whatever we use in our life, we must compare it with other things, after that we use whatever we like.

Here I have talked about comparison on only one thing but there is one more thing which is the biggest thing in our life and we all do comparison and do that only when we choose a life partner for ourselves. Even at that time, we definitely compare with some other person and we choose the one which is better for ourselves.

We do the same type of comparison on smartphones nowadays because thousands of new phones are launched every year and all of them have more than one specifications, due to which we get very confused which phone is good for us and which is not.

Nowadays there are many companies of smartphones and many platforms too. Although new companies of mobile are developing but only three platforms are available on it Android, iOS and windows. People do not like the Windows platform much, but most people prefer to choose Android smartphone and iPhone smart and there is more comparison in between.

Nowadays, if you buy any smart phone, then before buying a smartphone, the question comes in your mind that after all the iPhone or Android smartphone will be better. In today’s article, I will tell in detail about both the platforms and after that you can choose the platform of your smartphone as per your choice.

How Android Smartphones Are Better Than iPhones.

Although both the platforms are very good but in some features Android smartphone is better, so first of all we tell you why Android smartphone is better than iPhone.

1 – Customization

This is an important point for any smartphone. By customization we can change any function of our smartphone according to our own.

For example, you can set a widget on your smartphone and you can also change its theme. Apart from this, you can change its wallpaper and its icon can also be changed from one place to another according to your use.

But we can do only some of these features in the iPhone. We can only change Wallpaper in iPhone and can change Icons from one place to another. Apart from this, customizing the iPhone like Android is not easy at all.

2 – Device Option

Nowadays in the market you get to see a lot more Android devices than iPhone. You can buy Android smartphone as per your choice from $100 to $3000. Android smartphone can also be bought by a person whose income is very less and the device option is also very much in it, so that you can choose the device of your choice. Nowadays some new device is launched every day.

While only one or two smartphones are launched per year for the iPhone, the price of the original smartphone also ranges from $ 600 to ₹ 3000. It can’t be bought by an ordinary person and you have to spend a lot of money even if the iPhone is damaged.

3 – File Sharing option

Nowadays everyone needs to transfer their files from one smartphone to another. In Android smartphone, you can transfer your file to other smartphone very easily and very fast. There are many applications available for this.

In Android Smartphone we can share files from one Android Smartphone to another Android Smartphone through Bluetooth. For this, many applications are also available in the Play Store, with the help of them you can transfer any file to any smartphone very fast. While many problems have to be faced in transferring files to iPhone, you cannot transfer any file easily. You need to have another iPhone for this.

Android smartphone is better than iPhone in terms of file sharing.

4 – Multitasking and Multi window features

Multitasking means doing more than one task at a time in a smartphone. As we can listen to songs as well as browse the internet in any Android smartphone, we can send messages to our friends, apart from this, we can do many other things simultaneously.

You can also do multitasking in iPhone but not much option is available in it. In iPhone, you have to close the first task before starting the second task. Currently, the multitasking facility has been increased in all the new iPhones that are coming, but still you cannot do multitasking in iPhone like Android smartphones.

5- Design

If we talk about the design of the smartphone, then you get to see many different designs and colors in the Android smartphone. You can choose the design and color according to your choice, whereas the design of all the models of iPhone looks the same and there is not much color option available in it, you have to choose any color from those selected colors.

How are iPhones better than Android smartphones?

Just as the Android smartphone is better than the iPhone in some features, in the same way, in the case of some features, the iPhone is also much better than the Android smartphone. Let us know which are the features due to which iPhone is better than Android smartphone.

1 – Optimization

As I mentioned earlier, the smartphone is the most important point. Apple company designs its own iPhone hardware and it knows what components and specifications are in the phone.

Apart from this, the software of the iPhone has also been made by Apple itself, so optimizing that means taking advantage of the full potential of that hardware and using the least battery means it is good enough to have both the hardware software together in the iPhone.

You all know that very few models of iPhone are available and by looking at the specification of the same model, Apple prepares the iOS well according to them, so all the devices work well together and do not hang.

You all know that Android has been developed by Google and it is not made by targeting any one specific device. All smartphones run on the same Android version, which sometimes leads to excessive hangs.

2 – Software Update

Talking about software updates, both iPhone and Android launch new software for their phones from time to time. But Apple has limited models only and it knows when to update them for those models and they get updates soon.

But this is not the case in Android platform. In this, you get to see updates quickly in some good smartphones, whereas in low-cost smartphones, you have to wait a lot for updates.

3 – App Quality

If we talk about app quality, then it is better to see in iPhone than Android. As suppose you have Google’s YouTube app, then you will get to see more options in iPhone than that app gives in Android and its app quality is also better in iPhone.

4 – Camera Quality

If we talk about the camera quality of iPhone and Android smartphone, then you will get to see better quality in iPhone camera than Android smartphone. The picture quality of an iPhone camera is as good as that of a DSLR camera.

Even if an Android phone has a 16MP camera, it still can’t compete with the iPhone’s 12MP camera. iPhone pays more attention to quality than specification, so its quality is much better than Android phones.


In today’s article, we have told that if you want to buy a smartphone, then we have given complete information about which iPhone or Android smartphone can be better for you, if you need any other information related to this article, then you You can write us in the comment box.


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