Which govt jobs has high salary in India – Top 8 jobs 2022

Which govt jobs has high salary in India

Government jobs in India are the first choice of today’s youth, although there is a package of lakhs and crores of rupees in the private sector, but despite this, most of the youth prefer to do government jobs. The main reason for this is that in government jobs, good salary and many extra facilities are given along with job security. Apart from this, respect is also given in the society for having a government job.

The minimum qualification to get a government job in India is 10th pass, but if you want to get a job in good positions, then you should have a graduation degree as well as other skills. Today we will tell you about the 8 highest paying government jobs in which it is the dream of all the youth to get a job.

The biggest advantage of doing a government job is that we get a good salary, along with many facilities are provided by the government. If you do a government job in a good post, then you are given other types of facilities including bungalow, car, security, free electricity, driver, free education of children. A person who gets a government job is respected in his family and society as well.

In India, when students complete their graduation and start preparing for government jobs, they have a dream that we get a job in a good position and for this they also want to know that the best salary is given in government jobs. If you also have this question in your mind, then read our article till the end and know which are the 8 highest paid government jobs in India.

High Salary Jobs in India

Which govt jobs has high salary in India

Now we are going to tell you about those government jobs in which the highest salary is available and getting a job in these posts is the dream of every student. If you prepare for these posts with hard work and dedication, then you can also get a job in these posts, so let’s start and know which government jobs which get the highest salary.

1 – Indian Civil Services

It is the dream of every youth to become IAS and IPS in India because it is the biggest and most important job of India and the best salary is also available in this job. On getting selected in the Indian Civil Services, you get a job in the posts of IAS, IPS and IFS. If you get a job in these posts, then you are given a big responsibility in India or abroad.

On getting a job under the Indian Civil Services, you get a monthly salary ranging from 70 thousand to 2.5 lakh rupees per month. Along with the salary, you are also given some other facilities like security guard, bungalow, car, personal driver, personal assistant, electricity, children’s education and other facilities are available.

2 – Defense Services

Army, Navy and Airforce are included under Defense Services. All the posts under Defense Services are very respectable as well as you get a chance to protect your country. To get a job on these posts, you have to qualify exams like NDA and CDS. After getting a job in these posts, you get a salary of 63 thousand to 2.5 lakh per month, along with many facilities are also given and promotion is done very soon.

3 – University Professor

The post of University Professor is also one of the biggest government jobs. The salary of these professors depends on different things like if you are a professor of NIT or IIT college then your salary will be very high and if you are a college professor then you get less salary. On becoming a professor in colleges like NIT and IIT, you get a salary of 80 thousand to 2 lakh per month. Along with this, medical facilities, house allowance and dearness allowance are also given.

4 – Banking Jobs

Banking job also comes under big posts because if you become a bank PO then you get salary from 60 thousand to 1.2 lakh per month per month. Apart from this, you are also given a tour package every 2 years and 1 lakh rupees are also given for this tour. Along with good salary, many allowances are also given in banking jobs.

5 – Scientist

If you are successful in getting a job in government institutions like ISRO and DRDO in India, then here you are given a very good salary along with research. On these posts, you get salary from 1 lakh to 2.5 lakh per month. Apart from this, transport allowance, dearness allowance, free food in canteen, house to stay and bonus are also given from time to time.

6 – Government doctor

If you become a government doctor in India, then you get respect as well as good salary. The salary of a government doctor depends on which hospital you have got your posting done after studying MBBS. If you get your posting done in a rural area, then you are given more salary. Under this, you are given 1 lakh to 2 lakh rupees per month. On the other hand, if you become a junior doctor then you get salary from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 90000 per month.

7 – Income tax officer

The post of Income Tax Officer is considered a very big post because in this job you can become from an Income Tax Inspector to Commissioner. The salary of an Income Tax Officer ranges from ₹ 80000 to ₹ 100000 per month. Apart from this, many facilities like government car, government housing, petrol, servant, education of children are also given to an income tax officer. To get this job you have to qualify SSC CGL exam.

8 – Government Engineer

The post of government engineer is also one of the big posts, in this job a government engineer gets salary from ₹ 80000 to ₹ 100000, apart from this, many allowances are also given to a government engineer, including government accommodation, travel allowance, dearness. Apart from the allowance, other types of facilities are given.


In today’s article, we have told about some of the highest paid government jobs in India. If you have any related question or want to give any opinion, then do not forget to write your question in the comment box, we will definitely answer your questions.

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