What is Google Core Update 2022 – Read for solution

What is Google Core Update 2022

Friends, you must have heard recently that broad core update has been released by Google. Google started this update on 25 May 2022 and this update of 9 June 2022 has been completed. Till now the roll out has also been completed. This update has had a huge impact on the rankings of many websites around the world. Apart from this, there are some websites whose ranking performance has become even better.

Friends, Google Core Update works in such a way that as you have opened a hotel, then you change something from time to time for the people coming to that hotel, due to which your visiting guest will like your hotel arrangement more. And the reason he wanted to come to your hotel is getting all those facilities. Google also works in the same way that it keeps on making some changes to help us from time to time, due to which the user experience gets better.

If we talk about Google Core Update 2022, then Google has made a lot of changes in Search Central and has issued new guidelines. Due to the release of this new guideline, the ranking of many websites around the world has been affected and the ranking of millions of websites has gone down. Websites that had already followed the guidelines of the Google Search Center, their traffic and ranking did not change much, but their performance has become much better.

People whose website has got bad ranking are trying some way or the other so that their ranking can come back again. If your website is also affected in Google ranking then you should stay in this article till the end because in this article we will tell you what is Google Core Update 2022 and what are its effects on the website and how to deal with this problem on your website. can be repaired again.

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Google Broad Core Update

What is Google Core Update 2022

Friends, Google Core Update is released by Google from time to time so that it can provide better experience to its users. Under this, Google changes its algorithm. It works in the same way as the smartphone company keeps on releasing updates from time to time to give good features and good experience to its smartphone users. When this update is released, it affects millions of websites around the world. Websites that follow the rules of Google Search Central well, their ranking becomes good and the website which violates these rules, their ranking becomes very bad.

Sometimes it is also seen that even if a website follows all the rules, their ranking gets bad. Google says that if the ranking of your website is down, it does not mean that your website or article is not good. An example of this is that if you look at the list of top 10 films in the year 2015, then there were only any other films in the top which are still counted among good films.

On the other hand, if today we look at the list of top 10 movies in 2022, then there are many changes because there is a better film than them which takes their place, in the same way Google also gives more value to those websites which give good value to the users. And provide quality content as well as follow all the rules of Google Search Central.

This update is released by Google once or twice a year. When updates are released to Broad by Google, they also provide many instructions and details of changes in them. After this update, if the ranking of the website goes down, then there are many reasons behind it such as search engine optimization is not good, website design, content quality and bad backlinks, due to all these reasons the ranking of the website is down. Is. All these rules are followed well in these websites, their ranking does not go down due to any update.

How the new update affected Google Discover

Google Discover is a great platform of Google, where various types of latest news and different types of entertainment content are shown, apart from this web story is also shown in Google Discover which is quite popular. Nowadays people are also earning a lot of money with the help of this. There are also many guidelines for creating a Google web story that have to be followed.

But some people do not provide the original content provider while creating a Google web story and publish the copyrighted content from other website in their web story, due to which the ranking of their website goes down.

If we talk about the Google update of the year 2022, then Google Discover has had a lot of impact and millions of websites have been out of Google Discover. The websites which have been affected by these have also had a great impact on the indexing of those websites.

Why does website ranking go down?

Whenever such an update comes, it is seen that the traffic of many websites suddenly goes down. There are many reasons behind this. We take a look at some of the reasons why your website ranking goes down.

  • The first reason for this is that the websites which do not do the original content provider, in return they publish the content of another website in their website, then after a few days the ranking of their website suddenly goes down.
  • The second reason for this is that if you publish any content in Google, then all the rules of Google Search Central have to be followed and if you violate the rules then your website’s ranking is down.
  • Whenever an update is issued by Google, then many guidelines have been given in them, the website in which these guidelines are not followed, the ranking of those websites goes down.
  • If the design of your website is not good and is not giving a good experience to the users, even then the ranking of your website goes down.

How to improve your website ranking

After the new update, when the ranking of a website goes down, then you can improve the ranking of your website again by adopting these methods.

  • When an update is issued by Google to Broad, the website whose ranking is down due to these, it takes some time for it to be ranked again, so never take any immediate action if the ranking is down.
  • After the new update, analyze those websites which rank on the top position and accordingly customize your website and improve your content, this will help a lot in your ranking.
  • Do not put any kind of invalid content or copyrighted content from other websites on your website.
  • By changing the design of your website, you have to improve your ranking because Google wants to give a great experience to its users.


In this article, we have told about the new search update of Google. We hope that you have got the information about the new update. If you liked this article of ours or want to ask any other question from us, then do not forget to write us your question in the comment box.

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