What are the top 10 products of google

What are the top 10 products of google

If you use the Internet, then you must have known about Google because Google is such a platform that provides us with many facilities. If we have any information, then we search on Google and that information comes in front of us.

In today’s article, we will tell you about Google, apart from this, we will also tell you about all the products of Google that we use every day and it makes the world of internet very easy, so first of all we tell you what is google.

What is Google ?

What is Google

Google is a search engine with the help of which any information is immediately available to us on the Internet. Apart from this, Google is an American multinational technology company that provides various facilities to us. The headquarter of Google is located in California, USA. The current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, a person of Indian origin.

We only know so much about Google that with its help we can find a solution to any problem related to the Internet. But Google is such a big company that about one lakh employees work in it. The reason for this is that Google is developing day by day and providing good facilities to the people.

Google is very beneficial for Internet users because Google is the most searched website in the world with about 3.5 billion users searching Google every day and Google today is the fourth largest company in the world after Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

Now we tell you about some of the main products of Google, with the help of which your internet problems are solved very soon.

Google Products

All the Google products that have been mentioned here are available in all smartphones nowadays and with the help of them, the problems related to the Internet are solved very easily, so let’s know about some of the main Google products.

1 – YouTube

YouTube is a product of Google, with the help of which we can watch all types of videos very easily. It is such a video platform where crores of videos are uploaded every day. It is a free platform where anyone can upload their videos which are watched by people all over the world. YouTube is a platform where you can earn money by uploading your videos, with the help of this millions of people earn a lot of money every day.

2 – Gmail

This is also a messaging platform of Google, with the help of which you can send email all over the world. With the help of Gmail, we can send any type of email very easily. With the help of Gmail, we can send any type of email within a few seconds and also can send videos, photos or any kind of documents with it.

3 – Google Maps

It is one of the best platform of Google because with its help we can reach anywhere in the whole world. If you have a smartphone and internet connection then you can go to any corner of the whole world with the help of Google Map. The information of the whole world is available on Google Map, it is mostly used in driving. All you have to do is set your location and Google Maps can take you to that specific location.

With the help of Google Map, you can find information about any restaurant, hotel, mall, shop, cinema hall, hospital, school etc. in your city or in your area in few seconds. If you are new to a city and you do not have much knowledge of that area, then Google Maps can prove to be very helpful.

4 – Google Chrome

What is Google
google chrome

Google Chrome is also one of the best platforms of Google. Nowadays 99% of all internet users in the whole world use Google Chrome because with its help it becomes very easy to browse the internet. Apart from this it is also safe. You can open multiple tabs simultaneously in Google Chrome. Apart from this, the facility of private browsing is also available in it.

5 – Google Translate

Google Translate is also a very good platform of Google. With its help, we can convert any language of the whole world to any other language. If you are reading any information which is given in another language and you want to know it, then you can convert it into your own language with the help of Google Translate.

The second advantage of this is that if you go from your country to another country and you cannot talk to the people there, then with the help of Google Translate, you can talk to me by changing your language to their language.

6 – Google Pay

GooglePqy is such a platform from Google, with the help of which you can do recharge, bill payment, sending money etc. in a jiffy. With its help, you can send and receive money in the account of any other person. With its help, you can do any mobile recharge, DTH recharge, electricity bill payment etc. It is a secure platform and is used by millions of people.

7 – Google Duo

With the help of Google Duo, you can make video calling in high definition with any person from your smartphone. Nowadays it is available in all smartphones, with the help of which people talk to each other through high definition sound and video.

8 – Google Drive

Google Drive is such a platform in which we can save all our files like photos, videos, documents and other types of documents digitally. If your smartphone or computer is lost or damaged, you can access your files by accessing Google Drive on another device. Google Drive is accessible via Gmail which is very easy to use.

9- Android

Ever since Google started this platform, a new revolution has come in the smartphone world. When Android was not available, we did not have much facility available in the smartphones of that time. But after the launch of Android, the way of using the smartphone changed. Multiple functions are available in any Android smartphone through which we can easily access our smartphone.


Through this article, you got to know what is Google and what are its products and what are their uses. If you want similar information, then you should visit our blog continuously and if you want to ask any question related to our blog then comment us, we will answer your questions.

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