The 10 Most Eaten Foods and Snacks in America

Potato chips are one of the most commonly consumed foods in America.

Potato Chips

The people of America also like donuts very much. It is liked by children to adults


Chicken tenders are also very much liked by the people of America and it is eaten in large quantities.

Chicken Tenders

Ice cream is also the most consumed food item in America

Ice Cream

Pizza is the first choice of every American nowadays and it is also one of the most consumed food items.


Americans also have a habit of drinking soda and every American drinks more than 500 soda cans a year.


French fry is the most eaten in America and it is liked by adults to children.

French Fries

The people of America also like cookies and people like to eat different types of cookies.


About 90% of Americans eat hot dogs and it is consumed in large quantities in America

Hot Dog

The hamburger comes first in the list of foods eaten in America, which is eaten in the most quantity.