What makes Titanic film unique – Top 21 facts about Titanic

What makes Titanic film unique

You must have seen the Titanic movie sometime or the other. Many people watch it again and again and this movie is still very much liked.

It has been 3 years since the release of Titanic movie but no other such film has been made so far and it does not seem that such a movie can be made in future.

Today in this article, we will tell you about some interesting and unheard things related to Titanic, the best and most successful film in the history of Hollywood, about which very few people know.

Titanic Movie Unknown Facts

What makes Titanic film unique

1- The Titanic movie was directed by Hollywood’s well-known and most successful director James Cameron. Who has directed films like Avatar, Alien, Terminator series in his career. The story of this film has also been written by James Cameron, apart from this, talking about the production of the film, the film was jointly produced by James Cameron and John Landau.

2 – The story of the movie Titanic was about the Titanic ship, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage on 15 April 1912. It is said that more than 2000 people died in this accident.

Titanic was the largest ship in the world, in which many facilities like swimming pool, gym, library were available. The company that made the Titanic had claimed that this ship would never sink but it could not happen.

Of all the films that have been made on the Titanic so far, a film like James Cameron’s film has not been made yet and it does not seem that it will be able to be made.

Apart from the Titanic ship, the love story of Jack and Rose has been shown in this film, which makes the film very special and that is why the film has become so popular all over the world.

3 – Titanic is an English-language disaster-romantic film that was released on 19 December 1997 in the USA. After this the film was released in different languages ​​and on different dates in different countries.

The film Titanic was released in India on 13 March 1998. Apart from this, in the year 2012, this film was released worldwide in 3D format, which was well received.

Talking about the main star cast in the film Titanic, big actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Bili Jen, Francis Fisher and Gloria Stuart were seen in this film.

4 – The cost of making the Titanic film was more than the cost of the Titanic ship. It is said that in 1912, it cost around $ 7.5 million to build Titanic, which according to 1997 comes to around $ 150 million. While the film Titanic cost $200 million to make.

It was the most expensive film at the time when Titanic was made. Which earned about 11 times more than its budget. Apart from this, it was the first such film in the world to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide in terms of earnings.

5 – Titanic movie got good ratings from critics everywhere. This film was liked by everyone all over the world, which is why this film was an all-time blockbuster at the box office and became the highest-grossing film of its time.

Apart from this, the record of highest grossing of this film continued for the next 12 years. James Cameron’s film Avatar, released in the year 2009, broke the record of this film.

Currently, Titanic Movie is at number three among the highest grossing films worldwide. At number two is James Cameron’s film Avatar and at number one is Marvel Studios’ film Avengers Endgame.

6 – James Cameron uttered one word while receiving the Best Director award for the film Titanic, “I’m King of the World”. This is the dialogue Leonardo said in the movie when he was on top of the ship with his friends.

7 – It is said that due to such a huge budget, before the release of the film, the news media and many people said that this film will be a flop and because of James Cameron, the production company Fox and Paramount will be ruined, but as soon as it is released, this film will be released. The film created panic all over the world.

8- Along with earning a lot at the box office, Titanic movie also won many awards. The film received 207 nominations in different award shows and in different categories in the same year, out of which this film got 124 awards.

9 – Titanic is the first film in which two people received Oscar nominations for the same character. Lead actress Kent Winslet and Gloria Stuart were both nominated for this award but both failed to win the award.

10 – Titanic was the first film to gross one billion dollars worldwide and also won the award for Best Film.

After this, the film “The Lord of the Rings”, released in the year 2003, was also included in this category. Which did a billion dollar business all over the world and also won the Best Picture award from the Oscars.

11 – It is heard that this film ran so much in theaters that the film was released, so the film’s production company Paramount had to send the reel again.

12 – You will be surprised to know that in reality only 3 feet deep bridge was built for the ocean shown in Titanic movie. Which is later shown as the Big Ocean through VFX.

13 – When James Cameron, the director of the film Titanic, started writing the script of this film. At that time he named this film as Planet Ice but later it was renamed Titanic.

14 – The producers of this film wanted to cast Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise for the film’s lead hero Jack Dawson, but Leonardo DiCaprio was the first choice of James Cameron and was later finalized.

Apart from this, it is also said that Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp was also approached for the lead role. But he refused to do this film.

Later in an interview, Johnny Depp told that rejecting this film proved to be the biggest mistake of his life.

15 – In the ending scene of the movie Titanic, about 120 tons of water was used in the ship, which was 3 times more according to the makers’ planning.

The entire team of this film was very nervous before shooting this scene as no rehearsal was done for this scene before and it was actually not possible to rehearse due to high water content.

16 – In the last scene of the film, when the entire ship is filled with water, a couple is shown hugging in a room, both are not ready to leave each other.

After this, both of them die in the film. Let us tell you that the story of this couple is inspired by the real life couple ‘Isidar and Ida Strauss’. It is said that both of them were aboard the Titanic ship.

When the accident happened, Ida had a chance to go to the live vote but she refused to leave her husband Isidar.

17 – The makers got only one chance to shoot after the scene of this film in which the entire ship is filled with water. After this, all the scenes inside the ship were completed in one shot as the entire set was destroyed later.

18 – The elderly woman you see in the movie Titanic really did travel on Titanic. But at that time she was only 2 years old who survived her name was Gloria Stuart.

When Gloria Stuart played the role of the film, she was 85 years old. But the film makers have shown his age to be 100 years with the help of make-up.

Gloria Stuart is the first person who has traveled in Titanic as well as worked in Titanic film. Gloria Stuart died in 2010 at the age of 100.

19 – While writing the script for the film Titanic, the film’s director James Cameron himself went to sea 12 times to see the Titanic ship.

James Cameron first saw the condition of the Titanic ship and when he did with that accident, tears came to his eyes. Apart from this, James Cameron also met the families of the passengers on board the Titanic so that he could understand the accident properly.

20 – During the kissing scene in the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet made some rules for Leonardo. Kate Winslet Said She Wouldn’t Have Coffee, Onions, Garlic And Smoking Before The Kissing Scene.

21 – It is shown in the film that when the Titanic ship hits the ice, it breaks into two pieces and it sinks in the sea. But in the year 2016, a research has shown that in reality there were three pieces of the ship. After this research, James Cameron accepted his mistake and said that this is just a film in which many scenes were fictional, so it does not make a big deal.


In this article, some such facts related to Titanic ship and Titanic movie have been told which not many people know. If you want to know about the facts related to Titanic, then you can get complete information by reading this article.

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