Sourav Joshi net worth 2022 – Sourav Joshi Biography and Career

Sourav Joshi net worth 2022

If you watch videos on YouTube then you must know about Sourav Joshi because he is a well-known YouTuber and artist. Currently, Saurav Joshi has become a well-known YouTuber in India and has millions of fans.

Sourav Joshi is counted as India’s biggest blogger as he has completed 10 million subscribers on YouTube in a very short time. The video made by him is such that people like him very much. 

Despite being so popular on YouTube, Sourav’s idea is very simple and he is down to earth. If we talk about his family, then he is also very friendly and good-minded. When people see his family on Sourav Joshi’s blog, people like him very much and people get a lot of motivation from him.

Sourav Joshi makes videos related to loving younger and respecting elders in his videos, due to which people love him very much.

 Today we will try to know all the information about Sourav Joshi. In this article, we will try to know about Sourav Joshi’s net worth, education, family, career, and also his personal life. If you want to get complete information about Saurabh Joshi, then stay in this article till the end.

Sourav Joshi Biography

Sourav Joshi net worth 2022

Everyone knows Sourav Joshi because he is a famous artist and YouTuber. Sourav Joshi is known for his art and blog videos. Sourav was born on 8 September 1999 and is currently 23 years old. Saurabh was born in a low-class family in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand.

Currently, he has 2 youtube channels in which he uploads videos related to his art and painting while on the other channel he makes blog-related videos in which he appears with his family. 

Sourav Joshi Family

Sourav Joshi net worth 2022

Sourav Joshi was born on 8 September 1999. He was born in Kausani, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand. Saurav was born into a low-class family. 

Apart from his parents, Sourav’s family includes his younger brother Piyush Joshi, his cousin Sahil, his grandmother, and other families who appear in Sourav Joshi’s blog videos from time to time.

If you watch Sourav Joshi’s video then you must have seen Piyush Joshi also because he is always seen in the video with Sourav. Saurabh Joshi also credits his success to Piyush Joshi as he has got success in his video loading. Peeyush Joshi is very innocent and naughty due to people like them more and watches the video always. Currently, Peeyush Joshi has also started his YouTube channel in which he uploads videos related to gaming.

Sourav Joshi wiki

Full name  Sourav Joshi
Nickname Sourav
Born date 8 September 1999
Occupation Artist and Vlogger
Born in  Haldwani, Uttrakhand
Height 5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight 56 Kg
Eye Color  Black
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend  Not Known
Mother name Hema Joshi
Father name Harinder Joshi
Brother name Piyush Joshi
Sister name N/A
Net worth  $3 Million USD

Sourav Joshi Income

Currently, Sourav Joshi is counted among the biggest bloggers on YouTube. Due to their being so popular, the sponsorship of big companies also sponsors their products through Saurabh Joshi’s blog, due to which Sourav gets a lot of money. Apart from blogging, Saurav is also very expert in drawing and art. Initially, he was recognized only through his art.

Currently, if Sourav uploads any video, at least 50 lakh to 60 lakh views are available on each of his videos every day. Currently, Sourav Joshi has two YouTube channels but he remains more active on his blog channel, while occasionally uploading a video on his painting channel. Currently, his painting YouTube channel has about 3 million subscribers.

 Sourav Joshi is more active on his blog channel and keeps on uploading some videos every day, due to which he currently has more than 12 million subscribers. With so many of his subscribers, you can guess how much money he would earn every day.

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Sourav Joshi’s Net worth

Sourav Joshi net worth 2022

According to an estimate, Sourav Joshi earns around Rs 20 lakh to Rs 25 lakh per month. Sourav Joshi mainly earns money through advertisements, sponsorships, promotions, and live shows shown on YouTube.

There is not a day when Sourav Joshi does not upload any video on his blog. Every day he keeps uploading some or the other video for his audience, due to which his followers are always connected to him.

If we talk about Sourav Joshi’s net worth, he currently has a net worth of around $3 million. Sourav Joshi’s monthly income is around 20 Lakh rupees.

Saurabh Joshi first started blogging in the year 2017 and in July 2017 he uploaded his first video on YouTube. But within a few years, it has become one of the biggest YouTubers in India.

 During an interview, Saurabh Joshi told that he started putting videos on YouTube inspired by a famous YouTuber Flying Beast. Initially, he used to upload art and painting-related videos on YouTube, due to which he could get very few views.

 In the beginning, he had to face a lot of difficulties. For the first time when Saurabh Joshi started putting videos on YouTube, his channel was monetized due to the non-verification of his channel card. Even after demonetization, Saurabh Joshi did not give up and started another channel but for the second time also his channel was monetized again due to the non-verification of his channel.

Saurabh Joshi did not give up this time also and once again created 1 channel but this time his channel got completely verified and advertising money started coming into his account.

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Sourav Joshi Early Life

Saurabh Joshi comes from a lower-class family. Two years before the time when Saurav Joshi was born, Saurabh’s father had gone to Delhi in search of work. He looked for work in many places in Delhi but he could not find any good work. His father got tired and finally started working as a laborer. He worked as a laborer for several months to make a living for his family.

 After working in Delhi for a few years, he moved with his entire family to Haryana where he started doing POP work in homes. Saurabh Joshi’s father was a master in this field, due to which he started getting a good income. After working for many years, Saurabh Joshi’s father took a house of his own in Haryana. Saurabh Joshi’s father changed many houses in Haryana because he had to change houses frequently due to different places of work.

Sourav Joshi Education

If we talk about Saurabh Joshi’s education, then he was very promising in his studies at the beginning, which is why he dreamed of taking admitted in IIT. Saurabh Joshi lived in Haryana with his family and he had to live in different places again and again, due to which his education could not be done well. When Saurabh Joshi gave his 12th exam, his marks were very low, due to which his dream of taking admitted to IIT was shattered.

 Seeing the dream of taking admitted to IIT shattered, Saurabh Joshi started worrying about his future, and he could not understand what to do in his career. He sought advice from many of his family members in this regard. Saurabh Joshi was interested in Vastu art from the beginning, which is why his family members suggested that you should prepare for architecture.

Saurav Joshi liked this advice very much, that is why he went to Delhi to gain knowledge of Vastu art. There he joined coaching for almost 1 year but he could not be selected.

When Saurabh Joshi did not get selected in Delhi, he came back to his home. So far Saurabh Joshi’s drawing had become quite good. Now Saurabh Joshi started worrying even more about what to do in his career. Saurabh Joshi often used to draw to pass the time in his house. There also lived a brother of Saurabh Joshi whose name is Shubham, he saw his drawing and advised him that he should show this art to everyone. After this Saurav Joshi started the YouTube channel.

Sourav Joshi Career

Saurabh Joshi started the YouTube channel in the year 2017. He started a YouTube channel as told by his brother Shubham in which he started uploading art and painting-related videos. He uploaded his first video by making ₹2000 notes in pencil art. After this Saurabh Joshi uploaded many videos related to the drawing.

 Even after uploading many videos, views were not getting on Saurabh Joshi’s channel. That’s why he changed the name of his channel but still, there was no effect on his channel.

After this, an idea came to Saurabh Joshi’s mind and he started making sketches of such people who were very popular. Due to this idea, his videos started going viral and his channel started growing rapidly. Initially, Saurabh Joshi used to make his family videos apart from his sketch videos but he did not upload them on YouTube.

One day he was watching a video on YouTube and saw a channel called Flying Beast which made him think that he should also make a blog video channel. Inspired from there, Sourav Joshi made a blog video and uploaded it, in which he also showed all his family.

This channel of Saurabh Joshi grew very fast and soon his channel got a lot of subscribers. After this, when Saurabh Joshi applied to monetize his channel, his application was rejected as his address verification had failed. He did not give up and immediately created a new channel which grew immediately but this time also his channel was demonetized due to the failure of address verification. Sourav Joshi tried once more and created the third YouTube channel which grew monetized as well and started getting paid by YouTube.

When Saurabh Joshi started uploading his art-related videos he became popular and he was also called to teach art in programs being held in schools. Within no time he became so popular that big companies started sponsoring him and inviting him to events.

Till now everything was going very well but in the year 2020 coronavirus came and they stopped uploading videos. But after a few days, Saurav Joshi once again started posting videos every day, due to which Saurabh Joshi’s followers kept increasing.

Saurabh Joshi had got a lot of time during the lockdown, that’s why he also started uploading block videos which people liked a lot and his video started becoming increasingly viral. After this, he got millions of subscribers in a few months.

When Saurabh Joshi used to upload his blog videos, people liked his videos a lot because his family was friendly and people liked him. Saurabh Joshi used to make videos with all his family but this biggest contribution was given by his brother Piyush Joshi who is seen with him all the time in the video.

People like Piyush Joshi’s naughty actions and his innocence and keep him connected with his videos all the time. When the lockdown is over, there will hardly be a day when Saurabh Joshi has not uploaded any video.

 People say that when they see Saurabh Joshi’s blog videos, then they get addicted to watching their videos, which is why they always like to watch their videos.

 Currently, Saurabh Joshi has more than 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and his subscribers are increasing continuously. Till now they have got Silver Play Button and Gold Play Button and soon they are going to get Diamond Play Button too.

This idea of ​​Saurabh Joshi completely changed the life of his family and now he has taken his own house and he also has many luxury vehicles. 


 Q. – What is the net worth of Saurabh Joshi?

 ans. – By the year 2022, Saurabh Joshi’s net worth is about 3 million dollars.

 Q. – How many subscribers are there on Saurabh Joshi’s YouTube channel? 

ans. – Saurabh Joshi has about 2 million subscribers on his first channel while his main channel has more than 10 million subscribers.

Q. –  Where is Saurabh Joshi from?

ans. – Saurabh Joshi hails from Haldwani, Uttarakhand.

 Q. – When did Saurabh Joshi start putting videos on YouTube?

 ans. – Saurabh Joshi started putting videos on YouTube in the year 2017.

Q. –  What is Saurav Joshi’s monthly income?

ans. – Saurav Joshi earns from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 50 lakh per month. 

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