Short moral stories for kids – Best Stories for Kids 2022

 Short moral stories for kids

Short Stories for Kids: Children love to read and listen to stories. These stories provide entertainment as well as a lot of education to the children. In earlier days, grandparents and grandparents told the children stories, which the children loved very much. After narrating the story, he also used to give education to the children, which taught morality to children.

By the way, apart from children, adults also like to read and listen to stories. Most of the children’s stories are the story of the king and queen, the level of animals, and the story of ghosts. There are some such facts in these stories which inculcate morality in children.

If you also want to read short stories, then today we will tell you many short stories in this article, which you will enjoy reading and this will also give education to your children. Apart from children, these stories can also be read by adults. So let’s start and read some moral short stories.

Short Inspirational Stories for Kids

 Short moral stories for kids

Here we are going to tell some important short stories which you can read with your children or read them stories.

1  – Story of a foolish donkey ( Short moral stories for kids)

 Short moral stories for kids

There lived a merchant in a village and he used to carry salt on his donkey’s back every day and go to the city to sell it. While going from village to city, there used to be a river on the way which they had to cross. One day when the merchant was going towards the city carrying salt on his donkey’s back and was crossing the river on the way when suddenly the donkey’s leg slipped and he fell into the water. Due to falling into the water, a lot of salt got dissolved in water and only a little salt was left.

When the donkey got back up, he felt that the weight on his back had reduced a lot. The next day when the merchant was again going from the village to the city and crossing the river, the donkey deliberately fell into the water and a lot of salt dissolved in the water. Due to the dissolution of salt in the water, the weight on the donkey’s back was reduced and he became very happy. Now the donkey started behaving like this every day, which caused a lot of loss to the merchant.

  One day the merchant realized that the donkey deliberately fell into the water and suffered a loss. To teach a lesson to his donkey, the merchant this time loaded a cotton ball on the donkey’s back. Like every day, this time also the donkey deliberately fell into the water but due to the cotton on his back, it got dissolved in the water and his weight increased further. Now the donkey understood that it would not be able to walk for long, so he stopped doing such work after that day. The merchant was very happy with this move of the donkey and after that day the donkey stopped falling into the water.

 Education – This story teaches us that fate does not always give clear. We should always use our intelligence too.

2 – The Story of the Fox and the Grapes ( Short moral stories for kids)

There lived a fox in a forest. One morning she was walking in the forest when she felt very hungry and started roaming here and there in search of food. After walking for a long time, he could not find anything to eat. But slowly she came out of the forest to a farmer’s house in search of food.

He saw bunches of grapes hanging on the wall of the farmer’s house which looked very tasty and sweet. Now the fox’s mouth got water and he thought that now he will get food.

 The fox looked at the grapes, took a mighty jump, and opened his mouth to see a bunch of grapes in his mouth. The wall of the farmer’s house was very high, due to which the fox had to make repeated efforts. Even after trying for several hours, the fox failed to get the grapes.

 Slowly it was evening and now the fox thought that he should go back to the forest. That’s why she made one last attempt but it was unsuccessful and she started going towards the forest. While leaving, she was saying in her mind that if I did not get the grapes, what happened anyway the grapes were sour.

 Education – This story teaches us that we should never despise what we do not have.

3 – Golden Ax and the Woodcutter ( Short moral stories for kids)

Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter in a village near a forest. He used to go to the forest every day to collect wood and earn money by selling it in the nearby market.

 Like every day, he was chopping wood in the forest and the river flowed under the tree on which he was chopping wood. When the woodcutter was cutting the tree, suddenly the ax dropped from his hand and fell into the river below. The woodcutter came down from the tree and tried hard to find his ax but the river was deep and the river was also running very fast due to which he could not get the ax.

 After trying for a long time, the woodcutter got tired and started crying while sitting near the river. Hearing his cry, the gods of the river appeared and asked the woodcutter why are you crying. Then the woodcutter narrated his whole story, hearing that the god of the river thought of helping the woodcutter.

After some time the river god suddenly disappeared and after some time appeared with a golden axe. He told the woodcutter that your ax has been found, you take it. But when the woodcutter saw it was not his ax and he refused to take it.

 Once again the river god disappeared and this time he appeared with a silver axe. But this time also the woodcutter refused to take that ax as it was not his axe. Next time again the river god disappeared and this time appeared with two iron axes which the woodcutter happily took away.

 Seeing the honesty of the woodcutter, the river god also gave gold and silver axes, which the woodcutter was very pleased to get after that the river gods disappeared and the woodcutter went to his home.

Education – This story teaches us that we should always be honest and never get greedy.

4 – Greedy Lion ( Short moral stories for kids)

There lived a lion in a forest. One day while he was walking in the forest, he suddenly felt very hungry and started searching here and there in search of food. After searching for food for a long time in the forest, he found a small rabbit that the lion wanted to eat. The rabbit was too small for the lion so the lion left him and went on.

After going some distance ahead, he found a deer, seeing which the lion was very pleased and felt that now he had got food. He started chasing the deer but the deer was very agile so he overtook the lion. The lion followed him for a long distance but he failed to catch the deer. By now the lion was very tired, so he went back to the forest to look for the rabbit. But when he came back to the place where he had found the rabbit, he could not find the rabbit because he had left from there. Due to not getting any food, the lion became very sad and had to sleep hungry that day.

 Education – This story teaches us that we should never do too many people.

5 – Lion and Mouse

A lion and a mouse lived in a forest. One day when the lion was sleeping soundly, he felt that someone was jumping on his back. He saw that a small mouse was jumping on his back and was having fun. The lion’s sleep has been disturbed due to the jumping of the mouse and he got up in anger.

In anger, the lion caught the mouse and started trying to eat it, then he requested the lion to leave it and he would not make any such mistake in the future. Apart from this, the mouse said that if you leave me, then I will also support you in trouble. After hearing this the lion laughed and he freed the mouse.

 After some time one day, some hunters were hunting in the forest and they caught the lion in their net. Lion Hunters’ Trap Some hunters were hunting in the forest and they caught the lion in their net. The lion got caught in the hunter’s net and the hunters tied the lion to the tree and went on to hunt another.

Here the lion got very upset after getting caught in the trap of the hunters and started trying to get free but he failed. After this, the lion became very angry and started roaring loudly. Hearing the roar of the lion, the mouse present nearby ran towards the lion and seeing the lion trapped in the net, said I will cut this net and set you free. The mouse slowly started cutting the net and finally freed the lion.

After being freed, the lion thanked the mouse and both of them became friends, after which both of them went towards the forest cleanly.

  Education – This story teaches us that work done with a generous heart always bears fruit and we should always help each other in adversity.

6 – Fox and Crane

There lived a fox and a crane in a forest. They were very friendly and both lived together. That fox was very selfish. One day the fox invited his friend Stork for a meal at his house. The stork was very fond of eating, so he accepted this invitation, and the next day in the evening, the stork went to the fox’s house to have food.

 As soon as the stork went to the fox’s house, the fox politely invited him inside his house and after talking for some time he asked the stork to sit at the table to have food. That day the fox made soup for the stork. But he served the soup in a vessel in which the stork had a lot of trouble eating and he could only eat a little because the pot was too wide and the stork’s thinking was very sharp.

 While eating the stork got very angry but he kept quiet and after having a little meal went to his house humbly. The stork thought of taking revenge on the fox in his mind and the stork also invited the fox to have food at his house one day.

The next day, when the fox reached the stork’s house for food, the stork served food to the fox in a pot-like vessel. Due to the short neck of the fox, his mouth could not reach the food and he remained hungry but the stork finished his food immediately. After this the fox quietly went to his house and started regretting his mistake on the way.

 Education – This story teaches us that we should not be too selfish and think of ourselves before doing wrong to others.

7 – Pigeon and Ant

Once upon a time, it was very hot, and in a forest, the ant was roaming here and there in search of water. After searching for some time, he saw a river, which the ant liked very much. She ran towards the river and climbed a small rock to drink water but suddenly slipped and fell into the river.

 When the ant was going to drink water in the river, there was a pigeon sitting on a tree which was watching all this. As soon as the ant fell into the water, the pigeon saw it and ran towards it to help it. To help the ant, the pigeon again dropped a leaf a little more in the water so that the ant could climb on it and save its life.

When the ant saw that the leaf was floating in the water, it climbed on that leaf and as soon as that leaf came to the bank of the river, it came back to the ground, which saved its life. After this, the ant thanked the pigeon and said I will never forget your favor. After this, the ant and the pigeon became good friends and started living together.

After some time a hunter came to hunt in the forest and saw the pigeon and moved towards it to catch the pigeon. The ant present there was watching all this and the ant bit the hunter’s leg very hard, which caused great pain to the hunter and dropped the weapon from his hand and fell to the ground. As soon as the pigeon saw all this, he flew away and went far, which saved his life.

 When the hunter went back after dusk, the pigeon came back to the ant and thanked the ant for saving her life. In this way, both of them helped each other in times of adversity and both of their lives were saved.

 Education – If you do good deeds then you definitely get good results at some point of time and we should always help each other in times of trouble.

8 – Devil Cat and Rat

In a house, there used to be one cat and many rats. The cat always harassed the rats and made them his food. Tired of this cat’s action, the rats called a meeting among themselves to find a solution to this problem and all the rats gathered.

When the meeting started they a mouse said that this devil cat is troubling the rats and slowly eating us which is not right for us. Then the second mouse said why don’t we find a way so that we can get to know about the arrival of the cat in advance and we should be careful?

All the rats present there gave their opinion and started talking among themselves. Then the eldest mouse present there said that we should find some way to get rid of the cat forever and we should not do any harm.

Just now a mouse said why don’t we do that wherever we go, we should go in herds so that the cat cannot disturb us. After this, another mouse came to mind why not put a bell around the cat’s neck so that we would know before its arrival and we could hide? Started thinking of tying the bell.

Just now a mouse said that there is a question that who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck. Hearing this question, all the rats became calm and started looking at the big mouse.

Hearing this question, all the rats ran away and only the big mouse remained.

 Education – Before implementing any idea we should think about doing it because it is very easy to think about anything but very difficult to do it. 

9 – Wolf and the liar Boy

There lived a boy in a village who used to go to a nearby hill to drive his sheep. Other people also used to go with that boy to graze sheep. He used to sit on a nearby tree, leaving the sheep to graze. The boy was very fond of grazing the sheep every day and thought of having fun one day.

 That day when the boy went to graze the sheep, he was sitting alone on the tree and others were sitting near the nearby pond. The boy suddenly started shouting wolf to amuse him. When the people sitting near the pond heard the boy, they ran towards him to help him, but when they reached there, there was no wolf there. People were very angry seeing his joke but the boy was very happy seeing their anger because he wanted to entertain. Short Stories for Kids

  That day all the people went back from there and in the evening everyone went to their respective homes. After a few days once again the boy felt that he should be entertained once again that’s why he again started shouting wolf and hearing his voice again all the people came to him to help him. When all the people reached to him then they saw that there is no wolf there and that boy is laughing then people got very angry and they told the boy on the go that doesn’t do such a thing in future otherwise we will help you will not come for

After a few days, when the boy reached the hill to run from his trees, he saw that a wolf was really walking toward them, seeing that the boy started shouting loudly wolf. But people thought that this time also he was joking and no one reached to help him. When it was evening, when all the people reached home with their sheep, they saw that the boy had not yet reached home with a bunch of trees. Then all the people went back to the hill in search of him when they saw that the wolf had killed the boy’s trees and the boy was sitting there crying.

 Then an elderly person present there said that if you had not done such stupidity earlier, then your sheep would not have died today. Hearing that old man, the boy also felt very sorry and he was determined that now he will not make such a mistake.

 Education – From this story, we get the education that we should not lie too much with anyone because telling more lies breaks that person’s trust in you and he does not help you even at the right time.

10 – Dog and Bone

Once upon a time, a dog was wandering here and there in search of food. After searching for food for some time, he found a huge juicy bone, which he was very pleased to find and started thinking of taking it to his house to eat. He grabbed that juicy bone in his mouth and started going to his house.

  On his way to his house, he had to cross a river. He started crossing the river by pressing that juicy bone in his mouth. Then he saw that there is another dog present in the water, which has a very big juicy bone in his mouth, seeing this, he got greedy and thought that why not snatch that bone from this dog too.

The dog repeatedly saw the dog present in the water and its greed kept increasing. The dog was none other than his shadow which was visible in the water. Now, this dog did not think that by frightening that dog, I would snatch his bone, that is why he started barking loudly at him when that bone fell from his mouth into the water. After this he saw that the bone had also fallen from the mouth of the dog present in the water, only then he realized that it was a shadow and he went to his house repenting and went to sleep. He had to sleep hungry that day.

 Education – We learn from the story that we should be happy with what we have, too much greed is also very bad.

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The stories we have told in this article are very inspiring and you can read or narrate these stories with your kids. We will be adding some more inspirational stories to this article soon so that you and your kids can spend time reading these stories to gain knowledge. If you want to ask any questions related to our article or want to get any other story, then you can write in the comment box given below. 

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