Riva Arora Age – Know about Riva Arora

Riva Arora Age

Riva Arora Age: Nowadays the actress is very popular once on social media. The name of this actress is Riva Arora. Nowadays there is only one question in the mind of people that what is the age of Rewa Arora. If we talk about Reeva Arora, she looks older than her age, that is why there is a doubt in the minds of people that Reeva’s age can be more.

 Let us tell you that Riva Arora was born on 1 February 2010. Presently Reeva’s age is 12 years. He was born in the city of New Delhi, India. Riva has acted in many famous films like Rockstar, Mom, URI at an early age and has also been quite popular.

 Riva has not only acted in films but has also acted in many famous TV shows and serials. Riva has acted in main serials like Mere Papa Hero Hiralal.

Rewa looks physically good at a young age, due to this people think that her age can be more but let us tell you that the present age of Rewa is 12 years. 

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