How electricity is generated in India – Know about all ways

How electricity is generated in India

How electricity is generated in India

Nowadays electricity is used in every household. Electricity is used by people for lighting bulbs, running fans, running television, etc. Apart from running other appliances. Nowadays if the electricity goes out even for 2 hours then people get upset. Everyone knows how to use electricity, but very few people know how electricity is made. If you do not know how electricity is made, then stay deep in this article because in this article we will tell you how electricity is made and which methods of making electricity are currently available.

Nowadays electricity is not only used in homes but it is also used in big factories and for running trains. Nowadays people have become so dependent on electricity that people get upset only when the power goes out for a while and if there is any problem and the electricity goes out for 1 to 2 days, then many problems come into the everyday life of the people.

In what ways is electricity made 

How electricity is generated in India

In the earlier times there were very few methods of making electricity available, but today many methods of making electricity have become available. Here we are going to tell about some of the main ways through which electricity is made nowadays and this electricity is used in all the houses.

Making electricity from water

 You must have heard that electricity is also made from water. For this, large dams are built at different places in big rivers and water is stored in them. The amount of water in these dams is so high that it can cause flooding in any area and this is used to generate electricity. The water harvested in the dam is dropped from a very small place and the pressure of falling water from that place is so high that the big turbine fans installed at the bottom rotate very fast and due to the rotation of the turbine, the electricity is made. The work of generating electricity through this medium is done only near big rivers. 

Electricity generation with coal 

The largest amount of electricity in India is generated from coal. Thermal plants have been set up at many places in India to generate electricity through this medium. To generate electricity, coal is first extracted from many big mines located in India and after that with the help of goods trains, a large amount of coal is transported to the power plant and there a lot of coal is collected so that sometimes There is no shortage of coal.

 After the coal reaches the power plant, first the coal is ground for a month with the help of big machines. This is done so that it burns easily. These finely ground coal is put in the boiler and set on fire. When this coal burns, a lot of heat is released from it and smoke comes out. The heat obtained from the coal is delivered to the large pipes in which water is filled. When those pipes become very hot, then the water stored in those pipes gives out vapor. They have such a high capacity that it spins the big turbine fan installed there, which generates a huge amount of electricity.

Solar energy

How electricity is generated in India

This is a method that is used nowadays in homes too, but it can generate electricity in small quantities only. If a city has to provide electricity or to generate electricity in large quantities, then thousands of solar plates are installed at one place on a very large scale. By combining all these solar plates, enough energy is produced that can be used to power a city. Nowadays electricity is also generated through this medium to run solar pumps. Through this, the electricity received by the solar plate from the sunlight during the day is stored in the battery and through it various devices are run.

Wind mill

How electricity is generated in India

Large windmills are installed in which big fans are installed to generate electricity through this medium. The fans installed in these spin the air and due to which electricity is generated. Nowadays electricity is also being generated on a very large scale through this medium.


Electricity through this medium is mostly done in companies and village marriages and parties. In this way electricity is generated in those places where there is no electricity system or the condition of electricity is very bad. A generator is used for this. When diesel is added to the generator, it drives the generator and with the help of a turbine installed in it, electricity is generated.

Natural gas

The way coal is produced by burning it and vapor is created by the water present in the pipe, similarly heat is produced by burning natural gas and vapor is made from the water present in the pipe. These vapors have so much power that it makes the turbines installed there spin rapidly and a huge amount of electricity is generated from it. There is very little resource of natural gas in India, so it is being used on a lesser scale.

Geothermal energy

Through this means electricity is generated only in those places where volcanoes are always erupting. Nowadays there are many places in the world where volcanoes keep erupting continuously. Large pits are first dug in those places where more volcanoes are ignited. After this the energy emanating from the volcano is converted into electric energy. Electricity is made through this medium in countries like New Zealand, Italy and Japan.

How does electricity reach homes from power plants

 When electricity is generated in a power plant, it cannot be used directly because it has a lot of current. The electricity used in the homes from the power plant is converted into low voltage electricity by mass transfer. Nowadays the voltage of electricity used in our homes is only 240 volts.

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With the help of today’s article, you got to know how electricity is made and what are the resources available to make electricity at present. If you want to get any information related to this article from us, then you can write in the comment box below, we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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