How do you start a mobile shop business – Best Tips 2022

How do you start a mobile shop business

We all know how much the trend of smartphones has increased nowadays. Millions of people buy a new smartphone every day by replacing their old smartphone and if someone has a bad smartphone then he needs a new phone.Nowadays every person in the world has 1 to 2 smartphones available. There are about 600 million smartphone users in countries like India, whose number is increasing every day and it is estimated that by 2022-23, their figure will exceed 800 million.

In view of the increasing trend, demand and sales of smartphones, opening a mobile shop can prove to be very beneficial. If you want to open a business, then you can start a good business by opening a mobile shop. In today’s article, we will give you information about opening a mobile shop and will also tell how you can earn a lot of money from a mobile shop, so let’s start and know what is a mobile shop and how it is opened. is.

What is mobile shop

How do you start a mobile shop business

Mobile shop is called where any person can find solutions to problems related to mobile. From the mobile shop, any person can buy the mobile he wants, get it repaired, as well as buy mobile accessories like data cable, airphone, mobile, back cover, screen guard, mobile charger, etc. Apart from this, all types of SIMs are available in the mobile shop and Its recharge is also available.

How will the business of mobile shop in future

The way the trend of mobile phones is increasing nowadays, the business of mobile shop can prove to be very good because thousands of new smartphones are launched every day which people want to buy and in future also it is difficult for people to work without smartphones. is. Despite having more than 100 mobile shops in a city, thousands of smartphones are sold, so you can get an idea of ​​how the future of the mobile shop will be.

If you want to open a mobile shop, then the question will arise in your mind that when everyone has a mobile phone, now who will come to buy new smartphones and how will this business run, then it is worth noting that people get used to mobile phones. Without it, perhaps no one can even imagine life. Nowadays, most new inventions are happening in the field of mobile phones and every day some phone is launched and in which some new technology is available.

Nowadays, any person who buys a smartphone does not use it for more than 1 or 2 years because new technology is constantly coming in the field of mobile phones, towards which people are attracted and want to buy new smartphones. If you also go to the mobile shop, then you will see many people buying smartphones there. Some people need a smartphone here and some people are fond of it, because of this, the business of mobile phone will be very good in future.

What will be needed to open a mobile shop

If you want to open a mobile shop, then you have to first get a license for an electronic store. You can apply for this license online. After getting the license, you need a mobile shop and this shop should be in a good market where more people come.

After getting a good place for mobile shop, you will have to make furniture in which tables, counters and glass boxes etc. will need to be made to keep the phone safe. Along with this, a computer will also be required to keep accounts in which you can keep your daily accounts and can also make mobile phone bills.

After this you will also need to setup CCTV camera in your shop so that your mobile shop is safe. Initially you can handle your own shop but after a few days you will need one or two coworkers who will help the customers to know about the mobile and sell them.

How much investment will be required to open a mobile shop

To open a mobile shop, you will need everything initially like furniture, room for the shop, license, accessories and mobile phones etc. If you talk about investing all these together, then initially you will need 4 to $ 5000 but if you start repairing work with your shop then you will need 5 to $ 6000.

Selling mobile of this company will be fine

There are two types of mobile shop, one is in which you can keep multiple company’s phones like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola Mi, Realme, Redmi etc. And the other is mobile shop in which you can keep the smartphone of any one company. Like if you want to sell only Samsung smartphone then you will keep only Samsung mobile phone in your shop or if you want to sell Apple mobile then only Apple mobile will be available in your shop.

The rest of the smartphone of any other company will not be available in your shop. If your shop is in rural area then you can keep smartphone of all companies and if your mobile shop is in any city then you can sell mobile of any one company also. Mobile shop of any one company cannot run in rural areas.

What should be the location to open a mobile shop

Mobile shop should always be such a place in any area where the population is high and where the market is big where thousands of people come every day. If you open your mobile shop in a place where people’s financial condition is bad, then people will buy very few mobile phones due to which your mobile shop business will not run much.

Search for a good distributor for mobile shop

To open a mobile shop, you will also need a good distributor who provides you the mobile phone on time and is always updated so that any new smartphone launched should reach you immediately and there should be a distributor who has stock ie mobile The supply of the phone should not be less. Apart from this, look for a distributor who provides you good products at affordable prices.

Also open repairing center with mobile phone

If you are opening a mobile shop, do mobile repairing with it so that your customers do not have to go to any service center or repairing center to get the mobile phone repaired. This will benefit you only. For this you can hire a separate staff. With this, along with your mobile phone, there will be income in repairing.

Provide finance

There will be some of your customers who will need to get a new smartphone but they will not have the money available at that time. In such a situation, if you can provide finance facility for mobile phones, then your customers will have convenience. After purchasing the mobile phone, the installments will continue to be deducted from the customer’s bank account. Finance act is a plus point by which people can buy an expensive smartphone according to their hobby, you must provide this facility.

Choose good brands and good products

If you are going to open a mobile shop, then do market research first. With this you will know which smartphone is selling more and which smartphone people like. Because sometimes people open a smartphone shop whose market is not good, in such a situation your business will not do well. After doing research, keep the product of only that brand whose market is very good.

Provide mobile phone accessories

You should not only keep a mobile phone in your shop but also provide accessories connected to it, so that your customers will not need to go to another shop to buy that accessories and this will also increase your income. Many times it happens that people come only to buy mobiles and after seeing the accessories, they also buy accessories at the same time.


In this article, we have given complete information about opening a mobile shop. If you have any query related to this article then you can comment us.

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