How do I open a mini bank branch – Best earning method 2022

How do I open a mini bank branch

Nowadays digitization is happening in all areas and online payment facility is becoming available in all areas. To do this, it is necessary for everyone to have a bank account so that you can do online transactions. But due to the increasing population, there is a lot of crowd in the banks, which causes a lot of trouble to the people. In view of this, the government has started mini bank through which you can do all the banking related work.

Through this mini branch, you can do many other tasks along with banking like recharge, bill payment, loan and many more. This mini bank is similar to the big bank, the work that is done in big banks, you can get that work done from the mini bank also. Often in rural areas, banks are either very far away or we are very crowded with banks. Due to this, mini bank has been started so that there is less congestion in banks and people do not have much trouble.

This mini bank can be opened by any person who has the requirement to open a mini bank. In today’s article, we will give you complete information about mini bank, what is mini bank and how to open mini bank. To know this, read this man often.

What is CSP branch

How do i open a bank kiosk
csp mini branch

CSP is a short form of Mini Branch Bank. Where you can do all the banking related work like account opening, sending money, withdrawing money, getting recharge, small loan etc. You can get the work done from the mini branch. Mini bank is more visible in rural areas because banks are far away in rural areas and they are very crowded. Due to which people’s work is not done on time. But if there is a mini branch in your area, then you can get any work related to banking done immediately.

Nowadays the population has increased a lot, due to which unemployment has also increased a lot. But if you have a little skill then you can earn money by opening a mini bank in your area.

The person opening a mini branch is given a commission by the bank on every transaction and through this he earns income. Apart from this, you can do all the work related to mini bank online, which can increase your income even more.

How to open mini branch

If you are also unemployed, you want to open a mini branch, then you have two ways, with the help of which you can open a mini branch. You can earn money by opening such a mini branch, in whichever facility you like in both of these ways. We tell you in detail about both the methods.

1 – By nearest Bank

2 – By CSP branch provider companies 

How to open mini branch through bank

How to open csp branch
Csp mini branch

If you want to open a CSP branch by the bank, then first you have to go to the bank and meet the bank manager. You will have to meet the manager of the main branch of the bank of which you want to open a mini branch and request him that you want to open a mini branch. After this the bank manager will take some information from you like your qualification, computer degree, population of your area and your investment capacity etc. Bank Manager will allow you to open CSP if you fulfill these requirements

After this, you will get a form from the bank which you will have to fill and it will have to give all the information. You will also have to attach all the documents with it. After a few days of submitting the form to the bank, a team will come to your location to check it. This team will check your location, what is the population of your area and your documents. If you are found eligible then the process of opening your mini branch will start.

After this, you will be given a user ID and password from the bank. Through which you can do all the banking work, after a few days your customers will start connecting with you and your income will start.

How to open a mini branch through a company

If you want to open a CSP branch through a private company, then nowadays many companies provide mini branch, through which you can easily open a mini branch. Some of these main companies are Oxygen, Sanjivani, Vakrangi, Nict etc.

To open a CSP branch through these companies, you first have to apply by visiting their official website. Always check before applying. Because nowadays in the name of opening a mini branch, some people trap you in their trap. If you apply, then after a few days a team from that company will come to your location and check your location. If you fulfill all the requirements then that company will start the process of opening your mini branch.

How to Apply for Mini Branch

Applying for opening a mini branch is very easy. If you open mini branch through bank then only you have to fill a form in which bank officials can help you and another way is if you apply online then go to official website of that company and give all your details Will happen. Whatever details you give while applying should be absolutely correct, otherwise your application can also be canceled.

While applying, keep all the documents ready like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License etc. After filling the online form and filling all the information carefully, you have to click on submit. After submission, the company officials will contact you within a few days and visit your location.

What do you need to open a mini branch?

If you want to open mini branch, then note that you should have all the below mentioned items only then you will be allowed to open mini branch.

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Counter
  • Chairs
  • CCTV
  • Web Cam
  • Thumbing Device
  • Internet connection

What work can be done from mini branch

If you open a mini bank then you can do the following:

  • Bank account opening
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Money transfer
  • Bill payment
  • RD and FD account opening
  • Mobile Recharge
  • KYC

How much profit from mini bank

If you open a mini branch then you can earn ₹25000 to ₹30000 per month in the beginning. In this, the commission rate of some banks is different. After running the mini branch for 1 to 2 months, your customers will increase and you can earn from ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 50000 per month. For more information about whom you can meet the bank manager.


Through today’s article, we have told you about the process of opening a mini bank and its benefits, if you liked our article, then I must give your opinion in the comment.

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