How can we start EV charging station – Best way 2022

How can we start EV charging station

At present, due to the increasing prices of diesel petrol day by day, the interest of people towards electric vehicles is increasing. In view of the interest of people towards electric vehicles, the Government of India has reduced the GST on electric vehicles from 15% to 5%, so it seems that the Indian government is also promoting electric vehicles. The number of electric cars is increasing day by day in India and in the coming times, most of the electric vehicles will be seen running on the roads.

The main advantage of promoting electric vehicles is that with this the rising prices of diesel and petrol can be controlled and the increasing pollution in India can also be controlled. Electric vehicles cause negligible pollution, whereas if we talk about diesel petrol vehicles, then it causes a lot of pollution and in some cities, the situation is getting worse.

Just as petrol pumps are available for diesel-petrol vehicles, charging stations are also available for electric vehicles. Currently, this facility is available only in some cities of India and electric vehicles can be run only in those cities. But the expansion of electric vehicles and charging stations is increasing day by day.

In such a situation, if you are thinking of starting a business, then by opening an electronic vehicle charging station, you can start a good business because it is a profitable business. In today’s article, we will tell about the process of opening an electronic vehicle charging station, to know this it is necessary to read this article till the end.

What is EV charging station

How can we start EV charging station
ev station

Just like we go to the petrol pump to fill diesel petrol in our diesel petrol vehicles and there we fill diesel petrol in our vehicles because our vehicles have diesel petrol running engines. Similarly, electric vehicles also require power to run, and electric vehicles have a bunch of batteries that need to be charged.

To charge electric vehicles, a power station is built at a place where we can get our vehicles charged. Currently, electronic vehicle charging stations are available only in some cities. There are 2 ways to charge electronic vehicles AC charging and DC charging. Presently the electronic vehicle charging stations in India have expanded.

Types of Charger

The way we charge mobiles and have a fast charger and a slow charger, in the same way we can charge electric vehicles in two ways.

1 – AC changing

AC charging is a simple method, when we plug the electric car into its AC plug to charge, the car sends that AC current to the inverter from where it is converted into DC and this current is stored in the battery. goes. Charging takes more time due to the conversion of AC to DC. This method is used more at the time of charging the vehicles in homes.

There are also two types of such charging, level one and level 2.

Level 1 – Level-1 chargers work on 15 amp socket only, under which it takes 10 to 12 hours to charge the vehicle.

Level 2 – Charging in this is done from the AC charging box which is available with the electric car only. It takes about 2 to 4 hours to charge the vehicle with this type of charger. With the help of these chargers, you can charge your electric vehicle at home.

2 – DC charging

Charging the electric vehicle has a DC plug for fast charging, through DC charging, the electricity goes directly to the car battery, there is no conversion in it, due to which the battery gets charged at a faster rate in less time. In DC charging, the car stores the DC current directly in the battery instead of sending it to the inverter, which takes less time to charge the car and makes the car charge faster.

DC charging requires a lot of power, so it is not used in homes or common places. It is used on major highways so that the battery of a vehicle can be checked immediately. This technique is placed in Fast Level 3.

What facilities and equipment are required to open an electric vehicle charging station?

When you often go to the petrol pump to get petrol filled, you must have seen that there are many facilities available to the customers. Similarly, to open an electric vehicle charging station, it is necessary to have some facilities and equipment.

  • Electric vehicle charging station must have at least 3 AC chargers and 2 DC chargers available and all chargers must be ISO certified
  • You must have adequate electricity facility as well as a separate transformer because electric vehicle charging station requires a lot of power.
  • Where you are opening the electronic vehicle charging station, the place should be near the highway or near any roadway
  • The construction of the electronic outdoor charging station should be good as well as the place should be clean and beautiful
  • Just as CCTV cameras are installed all around the petrol pump, similarly it is necessary to have CCTV in the electronic outside charging station too.
  • Parking space for two or three vehicles should be available around the electronic vehicle charging station.
  • It is very important to have a medical kit and a fire kit in the electronic exit station.
  • Must have toilet facility
  • Clean drinking water facility should be available

Electronic Vehicle Charging Station Franchisee Companies

At present, many companies in India are providing franchisees for electronic vehicle charging stations, some of the main companies are listed below.

  • ACME
  • Evolt
  • Delta Electronics
  • TATA Power
  • Exicom
  • Panasonic
  • Fortum India
  • Volttic
  • Evcharz
  • Mass Tech

How much does it cost to open an electronic vehicle charging station

To open an electronic vehicle charging station, you have to provide land. Along with this, the total cost of technicians, employees, advertising, software and maintenance can be around 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh rupees.

How to open EV charging station

There is no need for any license to open an electronic vehicle charging station, just for this you have to follow the parameters set by the Ministry of Power.

To open an electronic vehicle charging station, you can apply directly by visiting the website of the Ministry of Power Department or you can also have an electronic vehicle driver station by taking direct franchise from the above companies, this is a very easy way.

Important Notice

While applying for Electronic Vehicle Charging Station, note that you should apply only by visiting the official website of Ministry of Power because nowadays online fraud is being done in the name of giving franchisee of Electronic Vehicle Charging Station. Therefore, anytime after applying online, if someone demands payment from you, then do not give it or give its information to the nearest police station.


In today’s article, we have told you about opening an electronic vehicle charging station, if you have any question related to this article, then you can write to us in the comment, we will answer all your questions. If you like our article then please comment us.

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