Amy Slaton height, weight, career, family, net worth and wiki

Amy Slaton Height

Presently her height of Amy is 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 132 kg. Some time back Amy was overweight but after joining the reality show TLC, she lost a lot of weight. Amy has dark brown eyes and black hair. At the time when Amy did not work in the reality show, her weight was 185 kg, after she lost a lot of weight through exercise and now her weight is 132 kg. Amy also had surgery to reduce her weight.

Amy Slaton wiki and net worth

Amy is a famous television personality and YouTuber. In this article, we will know about Amy’s life, career, family, age, occupation, and net worth.

Who is Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton is a famous television personality best known for appearing in the documentary 1000 lb Sisters which aired on TLC. Apart from this, she is also a famous YouTuber who makes food and makeup-related videos on her channel. In these videos, she appears with her sister Tammy. Amy and Tammy are famous for their overweight. Amy makes videos related to playing, cooking, and makeup with pets on her YouTube channel every day, apart from this she also uploads exercise-related videos on her channel. There are about 239K subscribers on Amy’s YouTube channel. Currently, Amy is in a feud with another YouTuber who is overweight like her.

Amy Slaton Biography

Amy was born on 28 October 1987 in the United States of America. Amy is currently 34 years old. Amy celebrates her birthday every year on 28 October. Her citizenship is American as she was born and brought up in the United States. According to some sources, her ethnicity of Amy is considered to be Caucasian. Amy believes in Christianity. Amy’s zodiac sign is Scorpio and this zodiac sign is considered very helpful and helpful. 

Amy Slaton Family

Amy’s mother’s name is Darlin Slayton. There is no information available to us about Amy’s father. We are trying to gather information about his father. This article will be updated as information about Annie’s father becomes available. It is believed that Amy’s father passed away at an early age. After this Amy’s mother remarried. Amy’s second father’s name is Robert Franklin. Robert is also known as Friend and currently also stars in the TV show. 

Apart from her mother, Amy is survived by her sister and her brother. Amy’s sister name is Tammy who appears with Amy in the reality TV show. The reality show aired on TLC is based on the lives of Amy and her sister Tammy.

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